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A smarter and more efficient way to heat the water in your home, with Giant water heaters, and Navien tankless water heaters.

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Reliable Water Heating For Your Home & Family.


We offer top of the line tankless and traditional water heaters of various capacities. As a result, we ensure that all of our water heaters are the highest quality and a highest efficiency standard.


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Navien Tankless Water Heater

tankless water heater

High quality heat exchangers


Navien tankless water heaters are unique because of their ultra-efficient water heating in two stainless steel heat exchangers. There is no other manufacturer that offers that. Most of the other brands have one SS heat exchanger and the other (primary) made of copper.


Optimal gas combustion


For the optimal gas combustion even where the longer vent pipes are needed or working under different air pressure, Navien tankless water heaters utilize two sensors, APS (Air Pressure Sensor) and GPS (Gas Pressure Sensor), which are controlling the air / gas pressure and fan speeds.


Instantaneous heating and supply


Due to the pump and mini buffer tank into their tankless design, Navien tankless units can provide hot water instantaneously. These two features are found on all NR-“A” and NPE models. This is known as the ComfortFlow Technology so no minimum water flow rate is required anymore.

Giant Water Heater

traditional water heater

GREENFOAM Insulation


Due to a thick uniform blanket of GREENFOAM eco-friendly insulation technology, the water stays hotter for longer periods therefor reducing stand-by losses and energy costs. GREENFOAM contains no HCFC’S (hydrochlorofluorocarbons), CFC’S (chlorofluorocarbons) nor VOC’s (volatile organic compounds).


Glass Lined Inner Tank


A uniquely formulated blue cobalt glass enriched with zircon is fused to specially treated steel at 1,600°F (871°C) to provide the best coating available against corrosion for many years. The tank is certified at a test pressure of 300 PSI (2,068 kPa) and a working pressure of 150 PSI (1,034 kPa).


Automatic Temperature Control


Adjustable thermostat will provide years of reliable trouble-free service at the desired water temperature and an energy cut-off (E.C.O.) is provided for abnormal conditions.

See What The Customers Are Saying.

Owned the tank for 15 months. To date there are no problems and I always have plenty of hot water. In the laundry room there is hot water within 5 seconds; in the shower, within 10 seconds. It never runs out. It has been totally unobtrusive in operation as well as completely reliable. I have used it in a commercial laundromat with great results over a three year period.
H. van der Sluis

Navien Tankless

We switched out water heater to the Giant glass-lined one because our previous one was metal-lined and stopped working one day. We are very happy with the installation and the tank. So far we haven’t run out of hot water and also noticed a slight drop on our gas consumption as well.
Xiu Chen

Giant Gas Water Heater