The Healthcare Industry Embraces IoT

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Types of Equipment in the Health Sector

The invention of IoT in the field of the health industry is growing rapidly, which is helping in the early monitoring of patient’s health conditions. Before the new IoT linked devices, the communication between the doctors and the patients was limited, they also lacked mutual understanding about the patient’s health disorder. Application of Internet of Things made remote monitoring possible for the patient to keep a self-track of their health conditions. Referring to the recent IoT press release, here are some of the major IoT inventions that helped the health sector advance in all aspects.

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Cycore is the latest IoT embedded monitoring system which is efficient for the cancer treatment and symptoms monitoring. On a recent survey, the physicians found that the person who used Cycore experienced fewer cancer symptoms than the person who did not use it. The use of smart technology for cancer helps the patients build a better contact with the physicians. It is helpful for the doctors to get the immediate update on the health conditions of the patients, and they can start working on it immediately. 

Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM)

One of the most dangerous diseases, diabetes is the key factor for the development of smart devices. One out of ten people have diabetes, and it requires regular monitoring of sugar levels to control and cure the effect of it. CGM is a smart device which helps the patients monitors their blood glucose and sugar levels. Few of the smart CGM devices such as Freestyle and Eversense send monitoring results to your smartphone to help you check and act on your current health condition.

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Insulin Pens

Insulin Pens are another smart device with IoT technology that makes life easy for diabetic adults and children. Some of the Insulin Pen types include Gocap, Esysta, and InPen. These insulin pens are capable of recording the time of the injected dosage and also recommend the time of the next dose. The device operation incorporates with the mobile application to store data for the long term. It allows the patients to keep track of their food habits along with their insulin dose and blood sugar levels. It also helps the patient monitor the effect of the insulin on the blood sugar level.

Connected Inhalers

Asthma is another major health condition affecting the lives of many. Smart IoT based technology; Connected Inhalers is now advanced to help asthma patients by providing treatment and symptoms. These inhalers come with an embedded sensor which connects with the patient’s mobile application. It helps the patient track the symptoms and medications for the health condition.

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Future of IoT in the Health Sector

Due to the advanced hardware available in the market today, the IoT Company in Europe is eyeing towards futuristic health sector IoT applications. As per the current survey, more than 87% of the health organizations are already making use of IoT technology by the year 2019. The efficiency of futuristic devices is growing due to the ease of monitoring and treatment of patients health conditions. The health sectors are planning on bringing in connected contact lenses, depression monitoring application, and many other devices by implementing the Internet of Things.The use of IoT is advancing in all sectors, and the health industry is prospering with the use of it as patients are receiving better care and treatment.

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