Top 4 Benefits of Using Google Wi-Fi

Top 4 Benefits of Using Google Wi-Fi

Top 4 Benefits of Using Google Wi-Fi

If you no longer want to put up with the headaches brought about by your traditional router, consider replacing it with a modern router: the Google Wi-Fi.

Here are the top 4 reasons why Google Wi-Fi is better than your traditional router:

1. Google Wi-Fi offers better signal over a wider area compared to a traditional router.

Google Wi-Fi offers a better signal over a wider space when compared to the traditional router as it uses what’s called a “mesh network”.

But what is a mesh network? Most likely you have a single router in your home. A single router is enough to cover a small home or apartment (500-1500 square feet).

You’re faced with Wi-Fi headaches – the likes of spotty connections and dead zones – if you have a medium or large home and your home is subdivided into different parts for bedrooms, dining room, basement, etc.

For a medium home (1500-3000 square feet), it’s recommended that you install 2 Google Wi-Fi devices in your home and if it is a large home (3000-4500 square feet), it’s recommended that you install 3 Google Wi-Fi devices in your home.

The Google Wi-Fi devices will form part of a “mesh network”, acting as a single Wi-Fi network. This mesh network provides a better signal over a wider area as Wi-Fi is broadcasted from each Google Wi-Fi device, not just from a single router. You can opt to add more Google Wi-Fi devices if you want to increase the Wi-Fi signal in your home.

Relying on a single router in a larger home with subdivisions makes your Wi-Fi connection weak. The farther you are from the router, the weaker the Wi-Fi signal gets. With Google Wi-Fi’s mesh network, you have multiple Wi-Fi devices around the house, so you’re always close to one.

The mesh network eliminates spotty connections and dead zones. It allows you to binge watch your favourite show from your bedroom and then continue watching the show, uninterrupted, while you walk around your house.

Another advantage of the mesh network is that in case one device breaks down, you’ll still be able to get a Wi-Fi connection as the communication is simply rerouted through another device. This rerouting process only applies when the main Google Wi-Fi device is operational. If the main Google Wi-Fi device is down, the additional devices won’t function as well.

Another advantage of the mesh network is all your Google Wi-Fi devices are connected to each other wirelessly. Since they operate wirelessly, there’s no need for Ethernet cables all throughout your house.

Keep in mind that Google Wi-Fi isn’t a modem, it’s a router. Like other routers, you still have to connect it to a modem with an ethernet cable. You also need a Broadband connection in order to set up Google Wi-Fi.

2. Google Wi-Fi offers faster Wi-Fi speed.

Another benefit of using Google Wi-Fi is that it offers faster Wi-Fi speed.

Faster Wi-Fi speeds enable you to stream videos and play online games effortlessly. All Google Wi-Fi devices use the technology called “Network Assist,” ensuring that all devices always choose the fastest route to the internet.

3. Google Wi-Fi offers family-friendly controls.

You can control your Google Wi-Fi devices via your smartphone or tablet using the Google Wi-Fi app. Through this app, you can schedule a regular Wi-Fi operation pause; this allows for your family to spend quality time together, during dinner for instance, or to prevent your kids from spending too much time accessing the internet (especially during bedtime).

Millions of adult websites can also be blocked using the Google Wi-Fi app to protect your kids from internet menace.

Aside from the above-mentioned family-friendly controls, the Google Wi-Fi app can also be used for monitoring to see who’s connected to your Wi-Fi network, run a speed test, set up a guest network or for troubleshooting.

4. Google Wi-Fi offers better security.

When you’re using Google Wi-Fi, you’re assured that your internet connection is secure.

One of the security features of the Google Wi-Fi is that it automatically updates itself. Malicious hackers are always on the lookout for security vulnerabilities in devices connected to the internet, including Google Wi-Fi.

Google, on the other hand, is always on the lookout to fix any known security vulnerabilities that cyber attackers could exploit. Google fixes security vulnerabilities through automatic updates.

Many of today’s cyberattacks are simply the result of device owners’ failure to install the latest security update on their devices. However, not everyone has the time to install these updates or the knowledge to do so. Thus, the automatic updates in Google Wi-Fi is a safety precaution.

An example of a security vulnerability that affects every Wi-Fi device is the security vulnerability called “Krack”, short for key reinstallation attacks. This Wi-Fi security vulnerability enables cyber attackers to steal Wi-Fi passwords, emails, chat messages, photos and other sensitive information.

To protect consumers, Googleautomatically updated all Google Wi-Fi devices to fix the KRACK security vulnerability. This automatic update ensures that your personal data is protected from KRACK attacks.

“Wi-Fi is an integral part of daily life,” the Wi-Fi Alliance said. “Billions of people all over the world depend on Wi-Fi in their homes and businesses, to shop, bank, coordinate life and stay connected. Securing Wi-Fi connections is an important element of securing personal data ….”

If you want a better Wi-Fi signal over a wider area, faster Wi-Fi speed, family-friendly Wi-Fi controls and secure Wi-Fi connection, choose Google Wi-Fi as your new home router.

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