How to Get Started With WiFi Home Automation

How to Get Started With WiFi Home Automation

How to Get Started With WiFi Home Automation

Home to massive juggernauts such as Google, Apple, and Microsoft, the United States is often assumed to be the technology center of the universe. But according to PC Mag, as late as 2016, more Canadians were online than Americans. Yet only a percentage of those residents are harnessing WIFI home automation to really maximize their internet use.

The good news is, it can be as simple or as technical as you want it to be when considering how to upgrade and “smarten” your home.

Read our article and you’ll be on your way to graduating first in the home automation class!

Why You Need to Know WIFI Home Automation Right Now

Look around.

It’s hard to miss the signs that blaze around everywhere showing or saying “WIFI hot spot” or “Free WIFI.”

Often, you just need to walk somewhere and you’ll be prompted to hook into a WIFI zone. But one of the last places we think about with WIFI is where we may spend the most time – our own homes.

And anyone who has exceeded WIFI data limit and got hit with massive surcharges knows it’s easy to do. Just watch a couple of movies or stream a few hours of songs a month and you’re in danger of going over your WIFI.

So take the time to learn about how home automation systems, smart home connectivity, and WIFI now and your wallet will thank you later!

It’s So Much More Than Movies and Songs

We just mentioned a typical use for WIFI (streaming media) but there’s so much more. 

When you choose to really amp up your WIFI automation, the options are just about unlimited.

There’s Automation Already in Your Phone

If you’d like to ease into WIFI automation within your home, look no further than your existing mobile devices.

Many automation enthusiasts start out with getting some help – from a digital assistant, that is!

You’ve probably heard the names already, Alexa, Siri, Echo. These are some of the big conglomerates’ offerings onto the automation market. 

You may have even used one of these “services” before – instead of actually using your phone to do something such as look up a restaurant’s opening hours or find a movie time, you simply say, “Hey” and demand the information. And the “assistant” fetches it for you.

Less typing and more accurate, faster information, but the digital/virtual assistants do much more.

In your home, you really can become the king or queen, using automation.

From afar (or from that really comfortable recliner you just do not want to get out of, you can use WIFI home automation to):

  • Change, set, or cancel your room-to-room temperature settings (going to bed in half an hour? With home automation, you can have your bedroom nice and cool for your dreamland arrival)
  • Set lighting to make it look like you are home when you’re not, even if a power failure or weather event has tripped your manual timer boxes
  • Review, point, and zoom in with installed security cameras
  • Become your own DJ and change the music from room to room or have your music (and other media) follow you around the house

Straight Up Savings

Sure, the mood lighting, music options, and media picks are great ways to maximize your WIFI home automation systems.

But one of the biggest benefits hits you straight in the wallet.

Many times when we implement upgraded systems, we do it for those systems’ impact on our lives, but we pay for it. Yes, you’ll still have to pay for WIFI automation options, but in many cases, you get paid back.

Some WIFI home implementations can nearly pay for themselves, such as what you choose to do for your temperature.

Smart thermostats can put around 20% back into your utility bills because:

  • You can plan for a temperature increase or drop without having to run your system all day
  • The system can sense when there is no one in the home and turn itself off (ever leave the house with the temperature set super low or high and stress about it unnecessarily running in your absence?)

Sync Up for Savings

Implementing WIFI home automation can mean savings outside the wallet, too.

An article from the Massachusetts Institution of Technology notes that wireless technology can actually make a home safer!

Yes, the research was done primarily on the association of drones with WIFI technology, but it also rings true with home automation (whether or not you plan to automate pizza delivery to your home via drone!).

As mentioned in the research, WIFI means safety and password peace of mind.

Sync up your devices and automation to one hub and you’ll only need one password for them all.

Ever try to do something (in a rush, of course) and forget your password? Maybe you want to lock up your house remotely before leaving on a vacation, but you can’t remember your credentials.

You may have to make a couple of login attempts before you’re locked out or able to request a password change, and then you have to wait.

And wait…Until that email arrives.

Smart home technology offers an option to sync everything up to one single stored secure password. 

You’re In Control (of More Than Just the Temperature!)

Whether you decide to full on automate everything in your home at once or ease into WIFI home automation room by room or device by device, it’s your choice.

There are budgets for every kind of installation and ranges for pricing smart devices to replace your not-so-smart ones.

Think about it: we didn’t get to our totally plugged-in, social-media-addicted world in one day. 

Sites, apps, and services gradually worked their way into our world.

So there’s no shame in jumping into WIFI home automation slowly or plunging into the deep end of the pool immediately.

It’s your home and your comfort level!

Worried About Security?

Be honest.

Every time you download an app or click anywhere on a website, do you really read all the fine print before clicking “OK?”

Most of us don’t.

So people are sometimes shocked and worried to think that their WIFI home automation may be used to spy on them.

The idea is that your WIFI smart tools are smart for a reason – they connect to something, somewhere, out there in the world, to get the information they need to serve you.

Google’s Echo, for example, has to link into some sort of knowledge base to suggest movies for you when you tell it your favorite one is “Legends of the Fall.”

It’s really a choice of what you’re comfortable with.

You can accept that some home automation may transmit personal information (this California Institute of Arts & Technology article notes that WIFI routers can send data on in-home movement, detect speech from mouth movements, and track lighting and sound) and see it as a tradeoff for all the benefits you really do get.

A Word on Rentals

If it seems like the benefits of WIFI home automation are skewed towards homeowners, with options like smart thermostats and water softener upgrades, renters have some options, too. 

One of the best options is to simply study some of the emerging information on the benefits of WIFI home automation and bring it to your landlord.

Present the details on savings and efficiency (especially if your landlord – not you – is responsible for bills for heating and WIFI), then ask about helping upgrade the WIFI automation options.

If money talks the loudest with your landlord, research and offer the latest Canadian rebates and incentives for smart upgrades, including:

  • A $100 bill credit for the WIFI automation option Nest
  • Up to $250 rebate for high-efficiency furnaces
  • And $2,000 – $5,000 cash rebates for multiple efficiency upgrades

Then, feel free to take things into your own hands.

No, we don’t mean buying and installing massive WIFI upgrades you’ll have to leave behind if you move out.

Get that digital assistant and/or take advantage of minor WIFI automation options such as hubs and networking options.

The key to keep in mind is your security deposit.

You want it back, right?

So when you make WIFI “rental” automation upgrades, plan to leave no trace behind. Your installs should be all plug and play or grab and go. 

Let’s Get Smart

Although the famed television series and follow up movie “Get Smart” wasn’t filmed in Canada, there are so many ways that Canadians can get smart about WIFI home automation.

Start with a free call and we’ll help educate you on the path to the front of the class!

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You can even read what some of our customers are saying about their own WIFI home automation upgrades/installations.

We love to talk about WIFI automation – and you won’t be talking to a virtual assistant, either! You’ll get a real person who will help you begin to build your WIFI home systems and help you realize the savings, efficiency, and enjoyment of a truly smart home.

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