9 Things to Look for in an Outdoor Security Camera

9 Things to Look for in an Outdoor Security Camera

9 Things to Look for in an Outdoor Security Camera

If the security of your home is important to you, then an outdoor security camera is for you.

What is an Outdoor Security Camera?

An outdoor security camera is a camera that’s installed outside of your home in order to protect it from unauthorized persons.

Not all outdoor security cameras are created equal. If you’re planning on buying an outdoor security camera, look for the following features in order to provide optimum security for your home and your family:

1. HD Image Quality

When choosing an outdoor security camera, select one with high definition. A security camera is judged mainly by the quality of the footage that it produces. Watch out for security cameras that claim they have high definition quality, when in fact their lenses and sensors produce lower image quality.

A true high definition camera gives you 1080p HD image quality. Image quality is especially important in worst case scenarios, for instance, when a burglar tries to enter your home. If you want to report this incident to the police, they’ll ask for a copy of your security camera footage. Nest outdoor cameras have taken footage of package thieves and break-in culprits. Criminals have been identified and arrested via the Nest outdoor camera footage.

Footage that is not of HD quality and is too grainy is useless for authorities as perpetrators can’t be identified.

The Nest outdoor camera provides true HD image quality with its all-glass lens. You can zoom in up to 8 times in order to see every detail.

2. Night Vision

When choosing an outdoor security camera, select one with night vision. Many criminals operate during nighttime thinking that darkness will conceal their identity.

The Nest outdoor camera has night vision. This security camera, with its high definition and all-glass lens, produces clear footage regardless of whether it’s day or night.

3. Wide Angle

When choosing an outdoor security camera, choose one with a wide angle view.

The Nest outdoor camera has a wide angle, providing you with a 130° view of your home.

4. Weather Resistant

When choosing an outdoor security camera, choose one that’s weather resistant. A non-weather resistant camera is useless outside as it has to battle nature’s elements: rain and snow.

The Nest outdoor camera watches your home rain or shine.

5. 24/7 Recording

When choosing an outdoor security camera, select one that records everything, 24/7.

When you subscribe to Nest Aware, your Nest outdoor camera records everything 24/7 and you can easily review everything that the camera has recorded.

This camera has continuous power as it can be plugged into an outdoor or indoor outlet. Compared to battery-operated cameras, those that derive power from outlets are better, as battery-operated cameras are often in the sleep mode and only turn on when there’s motion.

6. Differentiates Between a Person from a Thing

In selecting an outdoor security camera, choose one that can differentiate between people and objects.

When you subscribe to Nest Aware, your Nest outdoor camera will give you a notification alert when it senses a person. On Android smartphones, this notification includes a cropped close-up of the person.

Using the Nest app, you can review the footage of what the person was doing in your home.

7. Activity Zone Alerts

In selecting an outdoor security camera, choose one that has activity zone alert capability.

Many criminals surprisingly choose the front door as their entry point. If a camera has an activity zone alert capability, it can send notifications whenever someone moves into your selected activity zone. The Nest outdoor camera gives you alerts whenever it senses someone in your identified activity zone.

8. Interactive

In selecting an outdoor security camera, choose one that allows you to interact with the person who has entered your home.

The Nest outdoor camera allows you to interact with whoever has entered the vicinity of your home by being able to see, hear and talk to the person.

For instance, if an unauthorized person attempts to open your front door, using the Nest app on your smartphone or tablet, you can yell at the intruder as the Nest outdoor camera is equipped with a microphone and speaker.

You can also interact with friendly visitors like the delivery person. Using the Nest app on your smartphone or tablet, you can give instructions to the delivery person on where to put the package. The delivery person can also interact with you using the camera’s speaker if he or she has any questions.

9. Easy Installation

In selecting an outdoor security camera, look for a camera that is easy to install. With the Nest outdoor camera simply plug in the camera in the cable and adapter, mount the camera and it’s good to go.

5 Ways Nest Indoor Camera Helps You Keep an Eye on Your Home Even When You’re Away

5 Ways Nest Indoor Camera Helps You Keep an Eye on Your Home Even When You’re Away

5 Ways Nest Indoor Camera Helps You Keep an Eye on Your Home Even When You’re Away

The Nest Indoor Camera can help you look after your home and family even if you’re away from the property.

Here are 5 key features of the Nest Indoor Camera that will help you keep an eye on your home even when you’re away:

1. Super Clear 1080p HD Video Quality

The Nest Indoor Camera has come a long way from the early days of surveillance cameras. Remember the days when surveillance cameras only produced grainy, blurry footage? These grainy and blurry images proved to be useless to police, private investigators and others using video surveillance for identification purposes.

The Nest Indoor Camera has a super clear 1080p HD video, which allows you clearly identify the people captured on the footage. Many video images captured by the Nest Indoor Cameras have helped police to capture home intruders.

In February 2016, police were able to positively identify the intruders in the home of a Massachusetts resident because of the clear footage that the Nest Indoor Camera was able to capture.

In April 2016, two men broke into the home of a Texas resident. The homeowner took a screenshot of the Nest Indoor Camera footage featuring the clear faces of the two intruders. They then made a flyer out of it and warned the neighbors. One of the burglars saw the flyer and turned himself in.

2. Built-in Speaker and Microphone

The Nest Indoor Camera is equipped with a microphone and built-in speaker, allowing you to not only hear what’s going on in your home, but also speak to whoever is there.

Using the Nest app, which you can download to your smartphone or tablet, you can watch, listen and speak to whoever is at your home.

In April 2016, a New Jersey resident saw intruders at her home through the Nest app. She drove the intruders away by yelling through the Nest app “Get out of my house!” Using the Nest Indoor Camera footage provided by the homeowner, police were able to find and arrest the perpetrators.

These amazing features of the Nest Indoor Camera also allow you to watch, listen and talk to your pets at home. For instance, if you see your dog sitting on the couch, you can speak to him through the built-in speaker and tell him to get off the couch!

3. 24/7 Live Streaming

Your Nest Indoor Camera doesn’t sleep on the job – it plugs into power so you never have to worry about a drained battery.

If you subscribe to Nest Aware, you won’t miss a thing. Nest Aware continuously records everything that’s going on, 24/7 for up to 30 days. You can review the full footage within the last 30 days – not just clips – just in case you haven’t had time to monitor your home.

If you don’t have time to review the entire footage, the Sightline feature of Nest Aware allows you to find what you’re looking for within seconds to avoid scouring through hours of footage.

Nest Aware pinpoints critical moments – actions that are worth watching – so that you aren’t watching random events.

You can also turn any footage that is captured by the Nest Indoor Camera into a clip and share it with friends, family members or the police – in the event that someone breaks into your home.

4. Person and Activity Zone Alerts

When you subscribe to Nest Aware and download the Nest app to your smartphone or your tablet, you can receive person and activity zone alerts.

The Nest Indoor Camera can differentiate between a person and a thing. For instance, if someone enters the room or if a person’s head appears in the frame, you’ll automatically receive a person alert via your mobile phone or tablet.

You can also identify important areas inside your home, like window, crib or the safe. If something happens in these identified areas, you’ll automatically receive an activity zone alert. By default, you’ll automatically receive an activity zone notification if there’s activity near your door.

5. Connectivity with Other Smart Home Products

The Nest Indoor Camera connects with other smart home devices that work with Nest products, such as the Nest Protect, the Nest Learning Thermostat or the Lutron Caseta Smart Lighting. It doesn’t take much effort to get these seemingly different smart home devices to work together.

With your smartphone or tablet, you have control over these smart home devices. These smart devices use sensors and algorithms to communicate with each other. For instance, when the Nest Protect senses carbon monoxide, your Nest Learning Thermostat can automatically turn off your furnace which could be causing the carbon monoxide.

In another instance, if no one’s at home and the Nest Indoor Camera senses a person, the Lutron Caseta Smart Lighting can turn on your lights to make it appear as if someone is home. Even if no one intrudes your home, this smart lighting system can randomly control lights to make it look like someone is home.

To connect other smart home devices with Nest, look for smart devices with the logo that says “Works with Nest”. To connect Nest products with the Lutron Caseta Smart Lighting, sign into your Lutron Caseta app and tell it to connect to Nest and then verify your Nest Account. Once you connect another smart home device to Nest, these connected smart devices will begin to do things for you, without you needing to program anything.

The Nest Indoor Cameras’ key features, including 1080p HD video quality, built-in speaker and mic, 24/7 live streaming, person and activity zones alerts, and connectivity with other smart home products, will give you peace of mind even when you’re away from home.

How NEST Outdoor Camera Prevents Break-Ins

How NEST Outdoor Camera Prevents Break-Ins

How NEST Outdoor Camera Prevents Break-Ins

Picture yourself away from home.

An unknown person jumps over your fence.

You receive a phone notification as your NEST Outdoor Camera captures the images of this intruder.

You check your NEST app notification and see a stranger lurking in your back yard.

You speak via your NEST app, telling the stranger to get out and the intruder immediately runs away.

The above-scenario shows how NEST Outdoor Camera can prevent break-ins.

Prevalence of Burglary in Canada

According to Statista, there were 159,338 burglaries in Canada in 2015. This 2015 data is significantly lower than the burglaries committed in Canada in 2000, which stood at 293,357. Still, the 2015 burglaries were notable considering that’s 436 burglaries each day.

The Conference Board of Canada, using the 2010 United Nation’s periodic surveys of crime trends, gave Canada a burglary score of “B” and ranked the country 8th out of 17 peer countries, with 578 burglaries per 100,000 people in 2010.

Economic loss is evident in burglary. The Government of Canada’s estimated total cost (victims’ tangible and intangible costs, criminal justice system costs and criminal career costs) per incident of residential burglary in 2014 was between $5,928 to $6,228.

In addition to economic cost, burglary has a corresponding psychological cost. While each person reacts to a crime differently, some victims of burglary may experience enduring feelings of powerlessness, anger, insecurity and fear, according to the Canadian Resource Centre for Victims of Crime (PDF).

Crimes like burglary, according to the Conference Board of Canada, may also reduce the levels of trust within a community and may result in breakdown in social cohesion. The Canadian Resource Centre for Victims of Crime, meanwhile, said that crimes like burglary can victimize communities “leading to their deterioration over time”.

Security Camera as Deterrent to Burglary

One of the ways to find out what deter burglars is to ask them. The University of North Carolina at Charlotte (USCC), Department of Criminal Justice & Criminology (PDF) study asked 422 convicted burglars in North Carolina, Ohio and Kentucky what deter them from burglarizing specific targets.

The study found that outdoor cameras and other surveillance equipment were considered by most burglars when selecting a target. Nearly 60% of the burglars asked by USCC researchers reported that cameras and other surveillance equipment deter them from committing the act of burglary.

NEST Outdoor Camera as Break-Ins Deterrent

While there’s no perfect way to protect your home against burglars, the probability of having your home broken into is significantly reduced if you have the NEST Outdoor Camera. This security camera allows you to prevent a break-in before it happens in the following manner:

  1. It records everything.

NEST Cam Outdoor allows you to view your front yard, back yard or side yard, day and night and regardless of weather conditions – whether it’s sunny or raining outside. It continuously records 24/7 everything within its 130° wide-angle view and in full 1080p HD video.

  1. It notifies you when an intruder enters your yard.

It’s impossible to watch your video feed all the time. NEST Cam Outdoor watches these video feeds for you and notifies you whenever there’s an unusual activity outside your home.

This outdoor camera watches for motion and also listens to noises like the sound of window breaking. It can also identify a person from a thing. Whenever the outdoor camera sees moving objects, hears noises or sees a person, it can notify with a photo from the event through the following:

  • NEST app sends a pop up on your smartphone similar to alerts you receive from other apps.
  • Email you using the address you use to sign into your NEST Account.
  1. It allows you to scare off the intruder with your voice.

In NEST Cam Outdoor, you’re not just a passive observer. Once you get a notification of an intruder in your home, you can scare off the unwanted person by telling – or yelling at him or her – to get out of your property.

You can scare off the intruder by speaking through your NEST app and your roaring voice will come right off the NEST Outdoor Camera with its built-in speaker and microphone. With this built-in speaker of NEST, you can also tell the delivery man to leave your package outside your door.

Even if the intruder decides to steal your NEST camera, he or she can’t steal your video footages. The reason for this is that this outdoor camera doesn’t depend on local storage such as SD card or hard drive. No one can tamper with your video footages as these are stored in the cloud.

NEST Aware – an optional paid subscription offered by NEST – allows you to store 10 days or 30 days of video footages in the cloud. You can, for instance, view the stealing incident footage.

What happens if you miss an alert?

In case you miss an alert, you have the option to see the activity outside your home in the past three hours using the NEST app.

With NEST Aware, a paid cloud service subscription, if for instance, someone stole your package that was delivered four days ago; you don’t have to go through hours of video feeds to spot the culprit. Thumbnails or snapshots of the culprit will automatically be shown to you, so you can immediately watch the video feed where the crucial moments happened.

Keep Your Neighborhood Safe

NEST Outdoor Camera doesn’t only keep your home safe. It can also keep your neighborhood safe. A vigilant neighborhood is a big deterrent against crime. You can share your live stream with your neighbors so you can keep each other safe.

Connectivity with Other Smart Technologies

Another tip to deter burglars is to maintain normal lighting and window shades patterns even if you’re out on a vacation to make it appear that your home is inhabited.

NEST Outdoor Camera can be connected with other smart technologies such as window shades and light bulbs to make it appear that you’re at home even if you’re not.

Check out the incredible deals on bundles that include the NEST outdoor camera for a low monthly fee.

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