9 Things to Look for in an Outdoor Security Camera

9 Things to Look for in an Outdoor Security Camera

9 Things to Look for in an Outdoor Security Camera

If the security of your home is important to you, then an outdoor security camera is for you.

What is an Outdoor Security Camera?

An outdoor security camera is a camera that’s installed outside of your home in order to protect it from unauthorized persons.

Not all outdoor security cameras are created equal. If you’re planning on buying an outdoor security camera, look for the following features in order to provide optimum security for your home and your family:

1. HD Image Quality

When choosing an outdoor security camera, select one with high definition. A security camera is judged mainly by the quality of the footage that it produces. Watch out for security cameras that claim they have high definition quality, when in fact their lenses and sensors produce lower image quality.

A true high definition camera gives you 1080p HD image quality. Image quality is especially important in worst case scenarios, for instance, when a burglar tries to enter your home. If you want to report this incident to the police, they’ll ask for a copy of your security camera footage. Nest outdoor cameras have taken footage of package thieves and break-in culprits. Criminals have been identified and arrested via the Nest outdoor camera footage.

Footage that is not of HD quality and is too grainy is useless for authorities as perpetrators can’t be identified.

The Nest outdoor camera provides true HD image quality with its all-glass lens. You can zoom in up to 8 times in order to see every detail.

2. Night Vision

When choosing an outdoor security camera, select one with night vision. Many criminals operate during nighttime thinking that darkness will conceal their identity.

The Nest outdoor camera has night vision. This security camera, with its high definition and all-glass lens, produces clear footage regardless of whether it’s day or night.

3. Wide Angle

When choosing an outdoor security camera, choose one with a wide angle view.

The Nest outdoor camera has a wide angle, providing you with a 130° view of your home.

4. Weather Resistant

When choosing an outdoor security camera, choose one that’s weather resistant. A non-weather resistant camera is useless outside as it has to battle nature’s elements: rain and snow.

The Nest outdoor camera watches your home rain or shine.

5. 24/7 Recording

When choosing an outdoor security camera, select one that records everything, 24/7.

When you subscribe to Nest Aware, your Nest outdoor camera records everything 24/7 and you can easily review everything that the camera has recorded.

This camera has continuous power as it can be plugged into an outdoor or indoor outlet. Compared to battery-operated cameras, those that derive power from outlets are better, as battery-operated cameras are often in the sleep mode and only turn on when there’s motion.

6. Differentiates Between a Person from a Thing

In selecting an outdoor security camera, choose one that can differentiate between people and objects.

When you subscribe to Nest Aware, your Nest outdoor camera will give you a notification alert when it senses a person. On Android smartphones, this notification includes a cropped close-up of the person.

Using the Nest app, you can review the footage of what the person was doing in your home.

7. Activity Zone Alerts

In selecting an outdoor security camera, choose one that has activity zone alert capability.

Many criminals surprisingly choose the front door as their entry point. If a camera has an activity zone alert capability, it can send notifications whenever someone moves into your selected activity zone. The Nest outdoor camera gives you alerts whenever it senses someone in your identified activity zone.

8. Interactive

In selecting an outdoor security camera, choose one that allows you to interact with the person who has entered your home.

The Nest outdoor camera allows you to interact with whoever has entered the vicinity of your home by being able to see, hear and talk to the person.

For instance, if an unauthorized person attempts to open your front door, using the Nest app on your smartphone or tablet, you can yell at the intruder as the Nest outdoor camera is equipped with a microphone and speaker.

You can also interact with friendly visitors like the delivery person. Using the Nest app on your smartphone or tablet, you can give instructions to the delivery person on where to put the package. The delivery person can also interact with you using the camera’s speaker if he or she has any questions.

9. Easy Installation

In selecting an outdoor security camera, look for a camera that is easy to install. With the Nest outdoor camera simply plug in the camera in the cable and adapter, mount the camera and it’s good to go.

5 Ways Nest Indoor Camera Helps You Keep an Eye on Your Home Even When You’re Away

5 Ways Nest Indoor Camera Helps You Keep an Eye on Your Home Even When You’re Away

5 Ways Nest Indoor Camera Helps You Keep an Eye on Your Home Even When You’re Away

The Nest Indoor Camera can help you look after your home and family even if you’re away from the property.

Here are 5 key features of the Nest Indoor Camera that will help you keep an eye on your home even when you’re away:

1. Super Clear 1080p HD Video Quality

The Nest Indoor Camera has come a long way from the early days of surveillance cameras. Remember the days when surveillance cameras only produced grainy, blurry footage? These grainy and blurry images proved to be useless to police, private investigators and others using video surveillance for identification purposes.

The Nest Indoor Camera has a super clear 1080p HD video, which allows you clearly identify the people captured on the footage. Many video images captured by the Nest Indoor Cameras have helped police to capture home intruders.

In February 2016, police were able to positively identify the intruders in the home of a Massachusetts resident because of the clear footage that the Nest Indoor Camera was able to capture.

In April 2016, two men broke into the home of a Texas resident. The homeowner took a screenshot of the Nest Indoor Camera footage featuring the clear faces of the two intruders. They then made a flyer out of it and warned the neighbors. One of the burglars saw the flyer and turned himself in.

2. Built-in Speaker and Microphone

The Nest Indoor Camera is equipped with a microphone and built-in speaker, allowing you to not only hear what’s going on in your home, but also speak to whoever is there.

Using the Nest app, which you can download to your smartphone or tablet, you can watch, listen and speak to whoever is at your home.

In April 2016, a New Jersey resident saw intruders at her home through the Nest app. She drove the intruders away by yelling through the Nest app “Get out of my house!” Using the Nest Indoor Camera footage provided by the homeowner, police were able to find and arrest the perpetrators.

These amazing features of the Nest Indoor Camera also allow you to watch, listen and talk to your pets at home. For instance, if you see your dog sitting on the couch, you can speak to him through the built-in speaker and tell him to get off the couch!

3. 24/7 Live Streaming

Your Nest Indoor Camera doesn’t sleep on the job – it plugs into power so you never have to worry about a drained battery.

If you subscribe to Nest Aware, you won’t miss a thing. Nest Aware continuously records everything that’s going on, 24/7 for up to 30 days. You can review the full footage within the last 30 days – not just clips – just in case you haven’t had time to monitor your home.

If you don’t have time to review the entire footage, the Sightline feature of Nest Aware allows you to find what you’re looking for within seconds to avoid scouring through hours of footage.

Nest Aware pinpoints critical moments – actions that are worth watching – so that you aren’t watching random events.

You can also turn any footage that is captured by the Nest Indoor Camera into a clip and share it with friends, family members or the police – in the event that someone breaks into your home.

4. Person and Activity Zone Alerts

When you subscribe to Nest Aware and download the Nest app to your smartphone or your tablet, you can receive person and activity zone alerts.

The Nest Indoor Camera can differentiate between a person and a thing. For instance, if someone enters the room or if a person’s head appears in the frame, you’ll automatically receive a person alert via your mobile phone or tablet.

You can also identify important areas inside your home, like window, crib or the safe. If something happens in these identified areas, you’ll automatically receive an activity zone alert. By default, you’ll automatically receive an activity zone notification if there’s activity near your door.

5. Connectivity with Other Smart Home Products

The Nest Indoor Camera connects with other smart home devices that work with Nest products, such as the Nest Protect, the Nest Learning Thermostat or the Lutron Caseta Smart Lighting. It doesn’t take much effort to get these seemingly different smart home devices to work together.

With your smartphone or tablet, you have control over these smart home devices. These smart devices use sensors and algorithms to communicate with each other. For instance, when the Nest Protect senses carbon monoxide, your Nest Learning Thermostat can automatically turn off your furnace which could be causing the carbon monoxide.

In another instance, if no one’s at home and the Nest Indoor Camera senses a person, the Lutron Caseta Smart Lighting can turn on your lights to make it appear as if someone is home. Even if no one intrudes your home, this smart lighting system can randomly control lights to make it look like someone is home.

To connect other smart home devices with Nest, look for smart devices with the logo that says “Works with Nest”. To connect Nest products with the Lutron Caseta Smart Lighting, sign into your Lutron Caseta app and tell it to connect to Nest and then verify your Nest Account. Once you connect another smart home device to Nest, these connected smart devices will begin to do things for you, without you needing to program anything.

The Nest Indoor Cameras’ key features, including 1080p HD video quality, built-in speaker and mic, 24/7 live streaming, person and activity zones alerts, and connectivity with other smart home products, will give you peace of mind even when you’re away from home.

9 Things to Look for in an Outdoor Security Camera

7 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Nest Outdoor Camera

7 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Nest Outdoor Camera

There was once a time where the world was safe enough that people didn’t feel compelled to lock their doors. Unfortunately, we no longer live in such a society.

Security is a top concern in today’s society. There are security measures in place everywhere you look: locks on doors, alarm systems at the office, security personnel at banks and even surveillance cameras at intersections.

At home, an added layer of security – that most people don’t consider – are surveillance cameras. The Nest Outdoor Camera is a great asset in helping to secure your home. Below are seven deciding factors that set the Nest Outdoor Camera apart from the rest:a

1. Rain or Shine, 24/7 Security

The Nest Outdoor Camera records everything that’s going on outside your door, day in and day out.

Unlike its human counterparts (security personnel), this security camera doesn’t sleep on the job, ask for a leave during a storm, or take breaks. The Nest Outdoor Camera plugs directly into a power source so you don’t miss a thing due to dead batteries.

If you subscribe to Nest Aware, it records nonstop for up to 30 days and securely saves video footage to the cloud. This camera is also waterproof so not even a storm could stop it from recording.

2. Receive Alerts

The Nest Outdoor Camera doesn’t just record what is happening outside your home, it also alerts you when something out of the ordinary is detected. This camera is able to send a standard notification to your phone, tablet, or email whenever it detects any motions or sounds outside of your home.

However, if you are subscribed to Nest Aware, you’ll receive more intelligent alerts as the following situations occur: 

People Alert

In People Alert, whenever the camera detects a person – even if it only sees a portion of the person’s body – it’ll send you a notification. The Nest Outdoor Camera has facial recognition and is able to recognize the faces that you tell it to. Upon seeing a familiar face, the camera will send you an alert to notify you.

Intelligent Sound Alert

In Intelligent Sound Alert, whenever the Nest Outdoor Camera detects speech, it will send you a notification. This camera can also detect a dog’s bark and send you an alert for that too.

Activity Zone Alert

The Activity Zone Alert allows you to choose up to 4 areas in your camera’s view to receive motion and sound alerts for those specific areas only. This area-specific alert is convenient if you’re receiving too many alerts from a huge volume of motions and sounds.

The Nest Outdoor Camera even helps you choose an activity zone; the door is automatically identified as an activity zone. Once motion or sound is detected in this activity zone, a notification will be sent to you.

What makes the Activity Zone feature different from the standard motion notification is that it also tells you which particular area the motion or sound comes from. You also have the option to turn off each alert zone independently.

3. Scare off Intruders with Your Voice

Many have criticized CCTV cameras for being a passive security measure. With the Nest Outdoor Camera, you wouldn’t be just a passive observer if something illegal were to happen right in front of your home.

For instance, if the Nest Outdoor Camera detected an intruder jumping over your fence, it would send a notification to your smartphone. Upon receiving the notification, you would then have the ability to yell at the intruder – even if you are away from home – by using the Nest app and via the Nest Outdoor Camera’s built-in speaker.

Through the Nest app and the camera’s built-in speaker, you can also speak to friendly visitors; for instance, if a delivery man came to your door, you could tell him leave the package at the front door.

4. Never Miss an Alert

With the Nest Outdoor Camera, you can always review an alert later just in case you missed it. You can review the activities and alerts for the past three hours through the Nest app. If an intruder entered your home in the last three hours, rest assured that the Nest Outdoor Camera caught a photo of him or her.

If you subscribe to Nest Aware, you’ll have the ability to review alerts and activity prior to the last three hours. For instance, if an intruder broke into your home three days ago, the Nest Aware feature called “Sightline” would help avoid scouring through hours of footage. Sightline won’t show you random, useless thumbnails; instead, it’ll automatically pinpoint that moment three days ago where activity was detected in front of your door.

5. High-Definition Image Quality

With the Nest Outdoor Camera, you don’t have to worry about grainy, blurry, hard-to-see images. This camera has an all-glass lens that constantly provides true, high-definition image quality (1080p). Other features of the Nest Outdoor Camera include a 130° wide-angle view, night vision, and the ability to zoom in up to eight times.

6. Keep the Neighborhood Safe

The Nest Outdoor Camera doesn’t just keep your immediate vicinity safe, it can also prevent crime in your neighborhood. This can be achieved by making the live stream of your outdoor camera public or password-protected for your neighbors to see what’s going on in front of your house.

If you subscribe to Nest Aware, you can download video footage and share it with your neighbors or even the police, in the event that a crime has been committed within view of your Nest Outdoor Camera.

Many crimes have been solved using the footage provided by the Nest Outdoor Camera. A resident of Joplin, Missouri posted footage on Facebook of two thieves stealing a generator in front of his home. In less than 24 hours, the thieves were identified and the footage was used by the police to prosecute the perpetrators.

7. Connect with Other Smart Home Devices

You can connect the Nest Outdoor Camera with other smart home devices, such as the Philips Hue smart light bulb, to make it appear that you’re at home even if you’re not.

The Nest Outdoor Camera has Google Home and Chromecast integration to make your home safer than ever before. Simply say, “Ok Google, show me my front porch”, and the live footage of your porch from your camera will be casted to your TV via Chromecast.

It’s time to take your home security seriously. Connect with us today to get started.

5 Ways Nest Indoor Camera Helps You Keep an Eye on Your Home Even When You’re Away

Top 3 Reasons to Buy Nest Cam Indoor

Top 3 Reasons to Buy Nest Cam Indoor

If the safety and security of your baby, your pet and your home is your top priority, then owning a Nest cam indoor is worth considering.

Here are the top 3 reasons for owning a Nest cam indoor:

1. Nest cam indoor can be used as a baby monitor.

Some may argue that a baby monitor is unnecessary given that our generation and generations before us didn’t have this device then. This argument, however, pales in comparison to the number of accidents and tragedies resulting from neglecting to monitor babies.

Having a Nest cam indoor to monitor your baby’s room will give you peace of mind. Wherever you are, be it next door, in the kitchen, garage or even when you’re away at your office or out of town for a business trip, you can check on your baby and his or her nanny any time and in real time. The Nest cam indoor continuously records 24/7 everything within its 130° wide-angle view and in full 1080p HD video.

Download the Nest app to watch the live video feed of your baby. Through the Nest app, monitoring your baby can further be enhanced via the following features:

  • Zoom and Enhance

You can zoom in and out to that cute little face.

  • Talk and Listen

The Nest cam indoor has a speaker and a microphone. You can listen to your baby’s mumbling or breathing and you can talk – or sing if you want to – using the Nest app.

  • Turning On & Off Schedule

With the Nest app, you can schedule the turning on and turning off of the Nest cam indoor up to 32 times each week. For instance, you can turn on the cam from 8AM to 6PM – the time when you’re at the office; turn it off after 6PM to 10PM as you’re home at this time; and turn it on after 10PM to 6AM – the time when you’re asleep at another room. You can also schedule the cam to be turned off during Sundays – your day off from work.

  • Collective Family Monitoring

You simply can’t monitor your baby every time the cam is turned on. You can share this responsibility with other family members by asking them to get their Nest account for them to monitor as well your baby from anywhere in the world using their smartphone. During the time when the cam is turned on and you can’t get a break from work, you can ask other family members to take a look at the live video feed of your baby.

2. Nest Cam Indoor is ideal for monitoring and training your furry-haired family member.

Owning a puppy is like having a newborn baby. Like newborn babies, puppies can be needy, clingy, cry a lot when they’re alone, chew on things they’re not supposed to and generally need regular attention.

Spy on Destructive Behaviors

Using your Nest app, you can watch live video feed of your puppy. This device allows you to monitor destructive behaviors, including frantic scratching, chewing, howling, barking, excessive drooling or excessive pacing. You can spy on your puppy even at night as this cam has a night vision. Even at night, puppies are active, displaying destructive behaviors like excessive crying, pacing and whining.

This 24/7 live video feed, not only gives you peace of mind, it can also save the life of your four-legged family member. There have been many cases when these video feeds saved pets from injury and emergency vet trips.

Provide Long-Distance Training

Similar to humans, furry-haired family members form their good or bad habits at an early age. At this stage, proper training matters. The reality is you can’t be at home 24/7 to train your puppy. The Nest cam indoor allows you to train your puppy even when you’re far away from home.

With the cam’s 2-way audio – microphone and speaker, you can hear what your puppy is doing. Your furry-haired family member can also hear you. You can tell him or her to get off the couch, to stop barking or you can provide encouraging words for positive reinforcement.

Share Live Video

By default, your Nest cam’s video stream is private. You can share video stream of your puppy to other people in 3 ways:

  • Invite people to join your Nest home using Family Accounts.
  • Share the video stream with a password-protected link.
  • Stream the video publicly for anybody to see.

3. Nest cam indoor can solve crimes.

If your four-legged family member epically fails in protecting your home from burglars and intruders, you can have at least the Nest cam indoor to solve the crime.

Since the release of the Nest cam indoor, this device has documented criminals as they enter homes, including footages where break-in happened while family was home, when talk & listen feature of the cam scared burglars away and when burglars tried to steal Nest cam. Here are some of the concrete examples where the Nest cam indoor footages help to solve crimes:

“Because of the Nest Cam clip, the police were able to positively identify the criminals. All four burglars have been caught and identified.” – A.G. Massachusetts (February 2016)

“I was at home sleeping when I heard a crash. With this clip, the police were able to positively identify the intruders, who are now in jail for other crimes.” – Guelda M., Washington (November 2015)

“I saw the intruders with the Nest app and used Talk & Listen to scare them away. Authorities were able to find and arrest the suspects thanks to the clip.” – Lisa P., New Jersey (April 2016)

The “Talk and Listen” feature of the Nest cam indoor is like a video call. You can speak to the person in front of the camera and the person can reply immediately without touching anything. If you want to speak to the person in front of the camera, your baby or your puppy, you simply go to your Nest camera indoor live stream in the Nest app and press the Talk button to start speaking.

We make it easy to own the cam or a set of cam and protect your home and your family. Call us today to explore your benefits and get a great deal.

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