Apple Watch is a strong performer when it comes to fitness and health tracking, but how does it fare for smart home control?

Today, we’ll highlight seven of the best HomeKit-enabled smart devices you can control from your wrist.

How do you get started using this upscale wearable, then?

Getting Started 

If you want to put your new Apple Watch through its paces with smart home tech, the primary method of control involves the Home app.


Using your Apple Watch, you can automate and control a suite of HomeKit-enabled devices and getting started couldn’t be much easier.

Open the Home app on your iPhone. 

A simple set-up assistant guides you through building out your home. 

You’ll be able to do the following:

  • Define rooms
  • Add in HomeKit-enabled accessories
  • Create scenes

How do you add in a new accessory to get going?

Adding New Accessories and Scenes

To add items as favorites:

  • Open the Home app on your iPhone then hit Rooms
  • Swipe left or right, locate the accessory or scene then touch it and hold
  • Swipe up. Activate Include in Favorites

You’ll now see the new scene or accessory on the Home app on your Apple Watch.

Controlling Smart Devices and Scenes

  • Open the Home app on your Apple Watch
  • Hit More to get a device then manipulate the settings
  • Swipe left to reveal more options
  • Hit Done when you’re ready to return to the devices list

To control a scene, open the Home app on your Apple Watch. Tap a scene to turn it on or off.

Control Multiple Homes The Easy Way

Are you lucky enough to have more than one home?

If so, set up multiple homes and choose which to see on your Apple Watch.

  • Open the Home app on your Apple Watch then press the display firmly. Hit Change Home
  • Tap the home you want to view and you’re ready to roll

Third-Party App Control

You’ll also be able to use third-party apps for control and you can make use of IFTTT with Apple Watch, too.

Assuming you want control from your wrist, we’ll highlight 7 of the strongest devices that sync neatly with Apple Watch.

7 Smart Devices You Can Control With Apple Watch

Image credit: Smart Home

  1. Apple TV
  2. Insteon Hub Central Controller
  3. August Smart Lock Pro with Connect
  4. Honeywell Lyric T5 Smart Thermostat
  5. Philips Hue Smart Bulb
  6. D-Link Omna Security Camera
  7. MyQ Smart Garage Door Opener

1) Apple TV

Image credit: Smart Home

If you plan to go all-in with the HomeKit ecosystem, you’ll need a hub in the form of either an iPad or Apple TV. Since this needs to remain always on in your home, Apple TV probably makes a neater option. Use a sacrificial iPad if you have the spare cash to burn, but with Apple TV you’ll get a de facto gateway and much more.

Now into its fourth iteration, Apple TV opens up a vast range of streaming media from Netflix and Amazon Prime Video to ESPN, iTunes and literally thousands of other apps.

If you’d like to view your iPhone and iPad photos and vids on the big screen, you can make this happen on your TV.

Video output is 1080p on this model or 2160p on the 4K Apple TV. Choose between 32GB or 64GB depending on your storage needs.

Siri remote comes bundled extending you the ability to take control hands-free. You’ll also be able to use your new Apple Watch to negotiate things from your wrist.

What if you’re not sold on HomeKit, though? Well, the other obvious ecosystem to consider is Insteon. Get things started with the hub…

2) Insteon Hub Central Controller

Image credit: Smart Home

Insteon’s classic Hub Central Controller comes in a dedicated HomeKit version. Note that you will need an iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch for control purposes. This hub won’t work with Android or Windows. The version you need for that can be found right here.

With the hub as your foundation, you’ll be able to build out a robust dual-band mesh network in your home. The more Insteon devices you add to your ecosystem, the more solid and dependable your network becomes.

If you add in the requisite smart speaker or smart display, you’ll be able to use your preferred digital assistant. Alongside Siri, both Alexa and Google Home are supported. Wrist-based control is also straightforward if you grab Insteon for Hub app.

Now field upgradable and boasting improved range and quicker installation than ever before, invest in Insteon and you won’t look back.

3) August Smart Lock Pro with Connect

Image credit: Smart Home

Choosing a smart lock can be challenging. This vertical has become glutted with powerful options making it tough to choose between them.

If you fancy using your Apple Watch for control purposes, August Smart Lock Pro is arguably your best bet. This iteration comes bundled with the Connect hub, so you’ll be able to use your lock in tandem with other smart tech.

Installation is a snap and you can just slot this lock over your existing hardware. Keep your keys and use them any time you want. This is a valuable feature if your young or elderly family members are not comfortable using intelligent entry systems.

As well as enjoying the ability to control your lock with voice commands, grab the August app and you’ll also be free to use your Apple Watch to open and close the door.

DoorSense and AutoLock are extra safety features that give you complete peace of mind while rendering your entry system seamless.

For an enormous shot of convenience when you’re entering and leaving your connected home, August serves up one of the best smart locks yet.

4) Honeywell Lyric T5 Smart Thermostat

Image credit: Smart Home

Honeywell proves that smart thermostats don’t need to cost a fortune with this mid-priced Lyric T5. Is it any good, though?

Compatibility is one of the key selling points with Lyric. This thermostat plays nicely with both iOS and Android. Fully HomeKit-enabled, you’ll also be able to press your new Apple Watch into commission for control.

The touchscreen control adds a nice dimension if you have family members who aren’t too tech-savvy. They can continue to operate climate control manually while you embrace the smarts.

This thermostat is designed to work with both single-stage and multi-stage systems. It also slots in with cooling systems and heat pump heating.

Geofencing allows for location-based scheduling. This removes you from the tedium of interacting with your thermostat since heating and cooling are automated based on where you are. No more wasted heating or cooling and no more returning to a cold house either.

Smart scheduling mixes time and location-based automation. You can also opt for straight-up time-based scheduling with support for multiple standard schedules. Eliminating scheduling completely is possible, too.

The final addition to Lyric is Adaptive Recovery which allows the thermostat to pick up on your preferences and deliver the temperature accordingly.

Honeywell Lyric 5 isn’t just a great smart thermostat for Apple Watch, but it is an overall great smart thermostat. Why not pop one on your Christmas list?

5) Philips Hue Smart Bulb

Image credit: Smart Home

If you want to start smartening up the lighting at home, Philips Hue is the obvious choice.

With the White and Color Ambiance Smart Bulb, you’ll get plug-and-play ease from a brand you can rely on. You’ll also be able to use your Apple Watch for control purposes which is a nice extra.

With energy-efficient LEDs, you’ll not only make savings on your power bills but you’ll also enjoy exceptional lifespan making these bulbs an investment rather than an expense.

You will need to get the Hue Bridge separately to enjoy robust remote control.

Automating the lights takes away a great deal of mundanity. When you throw in the ability to save energy and cash, going for Philips Hue is a no-brainer.

If you have deeper pockets and more ambitious requirements, we’d also strongly recommend checking out the vast array of Philips Hue Starter Kits.

6) D-Link Omna Security Camera

Image credit: Smart Home

Brought to market as the first HomeKit-enabled smart security camera, how long will it be before D-Link has some serious competition? Until then, this is your go-to option if you want to use your Apple Watch to take charge.

You’ll get a sweeping view of whatever is in the camera’s sights with a 180-degree field-of-view.

Motion detection is sensitive without delivering too many false positives.

With a microphone and speaker on board, two-way communication is super-simple. 1920 x 1080 video footage gives you all the evidence you need in high-def. Night vision extends to an impressive 16 feet in total darkness.

You won’t need to mess around with paid subscriptions either, thanks to onboard SD-storage. This also removes some of your security concerns since storage is local.

From your thermostat and alarm to your smart lock and lighting, this camera works wonderfully with a suite of HomeKit tech. With set-up complete in minutes flat, what are you waiting for?

7) MyQ Smart Garage Door Opener

Image credit: Smart Home

Do you like the idea of approaching your garage door and watching it open thanks to nothing more than your Apple Watch? Make that possible with the MyQ Smart Garage Door Opener from the legendary Chamberlain.

The MyQ app allows you to open and close your garage door remotely using your phone or watch.

This opener is designed to work with all major garage door openers post-1993 as long as they have regulation safety sensors. Other than that, you’ll just need the hub and a WiFi connection to start taking control from a distance.

Wireless set-up only takes a matter of minutes, then you and any guests you allocate access to can stay in the car until you’re safely inside your garage. No more getting caught in the rain!

You’ll also stay connected to your garage when you’re not at home. Any unexpected opening or closing results in a notification pinged to your smartphone or wearable.

As an added kicker, this model offers in-garage delivery with Key by Amazon in selected areas.

MyQ is one of the best options if you want wrist-based control.

Final Word

Well, whatever type of smart devices you’re looking to control, Apple Watch allows you to do so. From opening the garage door to climate control, from an isolated smart bulb to an Insteon ecosystem, you can do much more than track health and fitness with an Apple Watch.

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