For us, “Smart Homies” our favorite part of the holiday season, are new releases of smart home technology and gadgets.

As you might know, Amazon’s huge 2019 hardware event wrapped up. With a whopping 15 products announced, the vast bulk of the recently released kit we look at today comes from Bezos’s stable.

We’ll also touch on a handful of options from Google, but their recent product offerings don’t stand up to the onslaught from Amazon.


We’ll kick off with the latest kit from Amazon. All of the following devices are either available now or due for imminent release before Christmas.

The Sweet, Sweet, Revamp of Smart Speakers

Amazon recently dropped a couple of retooled smart speakers.

The all-new Echo
Dot (Third-Generation)
now comes with a clock displayed on a subtle LED
display woven into the fabric surrounding the speaker. It’s great news if
you’re looking to minimize screen time in the bedroom. Also, since, “What time is it?” constitutes the most
common query from Echo Dot users, it should save you a job, too.

If you want a slightly beefier smart speaker, the overhauled Echo (Third-Generation) is now available for pre-order. This iteration boasts the neodymium drivers previously the preserve of Echo Plus. You’ll also get some new colorways to supplement the classics you’re used to. New privacy controls round out a winning package.

What if you want something a little more powerful, though?

Upscale Smart Speaker

The forthcoming Echo Studio is a high-end smart speaker Amazon is touting as the “most innovative speaker” it’s brought to market.

In competition with Google Nest Max and Apple HomePod, five speakers come together to create a vibrant and detailed soundscape.

You’ll enjoy all the usual streaming services on offer with Echo devices covering all main bases.

You can also take advantage of Alexa’s 85,000 skills to help to organize your day.

As with all Echo smart speakers, Echo Studio also gives you
hands-free control of other compatible devices in your connected home.

How about if you’re looking for a screen with your virtual butler?

Mid-Sized Smart Display

Now sitting neatly between Echo Show 5 and the original 10-inch Echo Show, Echo Show 8 goes head-to-head with Google Nest Hub and its 7-inch display.

As with all smart displays, this unit makes a great addition
to the kitchen. Alexa can now grab contextual information from recipes to help
when you’re cooking. You can keep one eye on your cooking and the other on the

Whether you want the new mid-sized Echo Show 8, the smaller Echo Show 5 for the bedroom, or the classic full-sized Echo Show (Second-Generation), Amazon serves you up screen size for all occasions.

For The Kids

Children already have a kid-friendly Echo Dot, but Echo Glow is a neat little smart lamp to ease your little ones into home automation safely and enjoyably.

You’ll be able to teach your kids how to change the color of
the lighting with voice commands and an Echo device. You can also create
colored routines with a Rainbow Timer to keep your children on track when
they’re getting ready.

Cheap, cheerful and available for pre-order now, why not brighten up your children’s bedrooms this Christmas with Echo Glow?

Take Alexa Everywhere

We recently took a look at what to expect from Echo Flex, so what will you get when Amazon’s smallest Echo device drops this month?

Echo Flex allows you to take Alexa, where access would otherwise be problematic. We’re thinking stairways, hallways and basements or attics.

All you need to do is pop directly into a power outlet then take advantage of the on-board mics to interact with the perfect Alexa.

Truly Wireless Headphones

With wireless headphones continuing to fly off the shelves, Amazon has finally entered the fray with Echo Buds.

Five hours of battery life is relatively robust. You can extend this to 20 hours with the charging case. You’ll be able to deliver a quick burst of charge in just 15 minutes if you run out of juice on the go.

With multiple eartips bundled, you should get a customized

Drivers give you crisp and clear audio while the Active Noise Reduction Technology from audio specialist Bose is a beautiful touch.

With Alexa thrown in, these truly wireless headphones are
likely to give Apple’s AirPods a run for their money this holiday season.

And we’re not done yet with Amazon’s impressive roster of
new tech!

Alexa-Packing Eyeglasses

If you’re hunting for some smart glasses, treat yourself to some Echo Frames. Currently available by invite only, are you on the list for these Alexa-enabled glasses?

Invite-Only Smart Ring

Another invite-only gem, Echo Loop, is a smart ring that delivers vibrations for notifications.

Bulky due to the pair of mics and haptic engine, this is more gimmick than attractive jewelry. Still, we’re interested to see the reaction from consumers as the invite-only roll-out gets underway and Echo Loop drops for regular release.

Smart Oven and Air Fryer with Alexa Capability

Smart ovens have often failed roundly to deliver. The Amazon Smart Oven (Works with Alexa) comes hard on the heels of the Alexa-powered microwave from last year.

You’ll now also be able to air fry and use convection

Alexa weighs in to give you advice on cooking times if you
scan the barcode of your package.

This poky smart oven is available for pre-order now.

Mesh WiFi System

The foundation of any good smart home is a dependable WiFi connection.

If you’ve got a large home with flat spots or you just find the signal is not quite up to scratch, invest in the Amazon eero Mesh WiFi System, and you’ll notice a massive improvement.

You’ll be able to use Alexa to help you navigate settings,
set-up is over in 10 minutes flat and you’ll enjoy super-strong WiFi hosed from
corner to corner of your home.

Here’s some further reading on mesh WiFi systems and
why they work so well

Compact Indoor Security Camera

Ring Indoor Cam is a recent addition to the security specialist’s massive line-up.

You’ll be able to plug this tiny
camera in or run it on batteries.

With the all-new Home Mode, you
can disable video recording at will. This is a valuable touch if you’re
concerned about always-on devices.


With that huge roll-call of
Amazon products put to bed, we’ll finish off with a few offerings from the


To round out, here are a trio of
devices from the mighty G that might be worth popping on your Christmas list:

  • Google Nest Hub Max
  • Google Nest Mini
  • Google Nest WiFi

Google Nest Hub

The rebranded Google Nest Hub Max
comes with a 10-inch screen pitching it head-to-head with the original Amazon
Echo Show.

Hub Max comes with a more
powerful speaker than you’ll find on Echo Show, and you’ll also get a mini Nest
Cam IQ onboard.

You can enjoy a live feed of your living room in-app, and you’ll also be able to make and receive video calls.

Google Nest Mini

Google Nest Mini, now into its
second generation, comes with uprated sound despite retaining the same tiny
form factor.

This is a highly affordable and
effective way to bring Google Assistant into your home.

Google Nest WiFi

In direct competition
with the mesh WiFi system from Amazon, Google Nest WiFi comes in a 2-pack
giving 4400 square feet of coverage.

For a dependable internet in your smart home, you should seriously consider a mesh network.

Final Word

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