August Lock Lost Phone

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If your phone has been lost or stolen, and you feel your August Lock may be compromised as a result, you can log yourself out immediately (and disable your phone’s access to your lock) from the August app by following the instructions below. This will log you out of all devices that you are currently logged into.

How to log yourself out of all devices
Go to //lostphone.august.com/

Enter the email address used in the August app

Enter the code that was sent to your email address

You will be logged out of your August account on all your devices.

Regaining Access to Your Home
If your phone has been lost or stolen, and you do not have a physical key to your lock, please do the following to regain access to your lock.
Download the August app to a friend’s compatible smart phone
Log into your account
Operate your lock from your friend’s compatible smart phone.

When you have possession of your phone again (or a new phone), simply download the August app and select Sign In. You will have to validate your phone number or your email address.

Additional Suggestions

Both iOS and Android provide tools to help locate your phone and in some cases disable it (depending on the security features you’ve enabled.)

iPhone users:
Visit www.icloud.com, log in to your iCloud account, and select the “Find my iPhone” feature.

Android users:
Visit //www.google.com/android/devicemanager and log into your Google Account.

If your phone cannot be located, you’ll need to contact your cellular service carrier. If your phone cannot be retrieved you’ll need help from your carrier to get a replacement phone to regain access to your phone number.