If you have even a passing interest in home automation, you’ll be well aware of Insteon.

One of the original smart home guards, Insteon has been in business since way back in 2005.

The beauty of Insteon is that on a simple level, total beginners can start fuss-free. You can get set up and running without needing to call in professional help even if you’re not at all tech-savvy.

At the other extreme, the Insteon ecosystem allows for plenty of hardcore customization such as the Insteon Serial Modem Interface, so tech lovers can max out automation and control.

What is the Insteon Serial Modem Interface and why should you care?

Insteon Serial Modem Interface

With this simple plug-in interface, you can control any
Insteon devices in your ecosystem using a PC or an automation controller.

If you’re an absolute beginner, we suggest you scroll down where we show you how to get started with Insteon. If you want to get the very most out of your existing system, read on.

With the Insteon Serial Modem Interface (SMI), you can allow PC and hardware controllers to take control of the Insteon devices in your ecosystem via the network.

Making use of simplified commands, the SMI allows devices
with programmable serial ports to send Insteon commands. This renders
third-party controllers instantly Insteon-compatible.

The Serial Modem Interface doubles up as an access point since signals are sent both wirelessly and over the powerline.

If you find yourself wanting to invest in the SMI, we recommend you check out our forum. Since no technical support is offered for developers, you can find a vibrant community in our forum always ready to help out. You can also browse through for plenty of handy hints to get you up and running with your interface in no time.

For set-up, go here to get detailed instructions.

For most people looking to get third-party controllers firing on all cylinders, this package is a must.

Take a look at the main advantages of the Serial Modem Interface at a glance.

Key Benefits

  • Hassle-free serial connection
  • No background software required with computer programs
  • Streamlined and simplified command set
  • Communicates by powerline and RF simultaneously for maximum stability
  • Direct connection for hardware devices

If you’re not ready for the level of complexity that comes with the Serial Modem Interface but the Insteon ecosystem is tempting you, we have something for you right now.

Get Started with Insteon

Here are three easy ways you can get up and running with an Insteon ecosystem today without spending too much money or requiring any technical knowledge.

Insteon Hub Central Controller

If you have ambitions beyond a device or two working independently, it’s well worth investing in the Insteon hub. Especially if you’re looking to build out an effective ecosystem delivering maximum functionality.

If you want remote control of devices or you want to use
voice control, this gateway is essential.

You’ll be up and running in minutes with this rebooted model of an enduring classic. Control is then seamless whether you’re in-app or using Alexa or Google Assistant.

Check for compatibility with other devices right here.

Insteon Remote Control Plug-In On/Off Module

If you’re new to home automation, a plug-in module is a great way to start by giving some regular appliances a shot of smarts.

Simply plug in a fan, heater, lamp or other small appliance
and you’ll be able to turn them on or off remotely.     

As long as you have the hub outlined above, you’ll also be
able to use either Alexa or Google Assistant to fire up that old lamp or heater
from across the room with voice commands.

You can also buy an outdoor version of this smart module.

Insteon Smart Thermostat

Upgrading and automating climate control is one of the most common entry points for newcomers to smart home technology. Insteon makes this very easy for you with a user-friendly and highly effective smart thermostat.

This WiFi thermostat plays nicely with all types of heating and cooling systems, and even more, complex 2-stage systems.

As long as you have a hub in place you can use your digital assistant of choice to take the helm hands-free.

To reduce your energy consumption and electricity bills
while ramping up the comfort and convenience factors, an Insteon thermostat
might be the wisest investment you make this year.

Final Word

Well, whether you’re a smart home beginner or you’re an old
hand, Insteon has something for everyone. While the Serial Modem Interface is
not for the casual hobbyist, if you’re committed to home automation, it gives
you a great deal of added flexibility.

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