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The Future is Now With Smart Thermostat

In Canada, 90% of all residents use a thermostat to help control the temperature throughout their house. 

Whether you’re obsessed with the latest gadget and want a smart home, or are just interested in trying to find ways to better regulate the temperature in your house, getting smart thermostat is a great option. 

Here, we’re going to tell you how a smart thermostat works, and why you need one!

Why You Should Get A Smart Thermostat

You’ve likely looked into many temperature solutions for your home, but a smart thermostat is one of our favorites.

The average household temperature usually hovers somewhere around 21C. Imagine if, instead of coming home to a cold house, it could be at room temperature – or warmer in the winter – when you arrived. 

A smart thermostat makes that happen. Using an app on your smartphone, or even texting a telephone number with your commands, you can control the temperature in your house wherever you are. 

It even allows you to, if you’ve got zoned heating, control the upstairs and downstairs of your home separately.

Even better? This can be installed anywhere you like in your home, so it’s especially convenient.

Imagine if your home heated and cooled on your schedule, and not the other way around. 

Plus, there are financial benefits. Controlling the temperature of your home while you’re away allows you to save money if you forgot to turn off your system after you left your house. Plus, this will help the furnace to be more efficient.

It also ensures that you’ll only use your system when you are at home, saving you serious funds. Some high-tech thermostats will know when you are home or away from home therefore will adjust the schedule accordingly and save you money!

What’s not to love about that?

How A Smart Thermostat Works

Don’t worry – your new thermostat won’t interfere with other wireless electronics already in your home. 

Mainly, these thermostats rely on sensors, so they can be adjusted according to your schedule and commands. 

Basically, the temperature is yours to manipulate with the click of a button.

Some even operate with batteries – so make sure you have enough on hand to last you through those winter months!

Interestingly enough,smart thermostats do actually have wires. It’s the receiver itself that’s completely wireless, and it uses wires that have been coded by color to connect with the wired thermostat. 

It’s even possible to get this thermostat synched up with other electronic devices in your home, including your lights and home entertainment system. 

How To Get A Smart Thermostat Installed

While it is possible to install your smart thermostat yourself, we highly recommend relying on the company you bought the system from to help you safely – and quickly – finish the job. 

Now that you’ve learned all about the great things these systems offer, we know you’re itching to get your hands on one. 

To learn more about our services, and how to get a smart thermostat installed with no upfront investment, get additional questions answered, and even to get a free quote, check out our website and feel free to contact us.

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