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Conserve & Protect

A smart water sensor that helps you conserve water, protect your property, and save money.

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Meet Flowie.

The Flowie water sensor measures your water usage right down to the minute. It can identify leaks and running water to help you conserve and save money.

No internet connection or cellular contracts required. Battery backup for uninterrupted operation.

Meet Floodie.

The Floodie companion sensor works with your Flowie to alert you when it detects a flood.

Insights & Analytics.

Smart Water Sensor helps you identify problems before they happen with intuitive analytics delivered right to your smartphone.

Water Consumption





Pipe Freezing

Power Outage


Minute-by-minute data which is really helpful when you’re trying to pinpoint issues or improve your usage habits.

Understand your water consumption, view alerts and events, and track your savings, conveniently from your computer, tablet, or phone.

Save Money on Future Repairs.


Annual water cost of a single leaky toilet


Average repair cost for a flooded basement


Many insurance companies offer up to $150 or 10% discount for installing Alert Labs’ leak and flood protection


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