Customers Save Money and Energy with the New Enbridge Gas Smart Thermostat Program

Customers Save Money and Energy with the New Enbridge Gas Smart Thermostat Program

Smart Thermostats Give Residential Customers Control Over Their Energy Usage

TORONTO, ONTARIO–(Marketwired – April 20, 2016) – Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc. (Enbridge) is launching a new smart thermostat program available to residential customers across its franchise area. This new program provides an incentive to switch to improved energy saving technologies that help customers conserve energy, and is a step in Ontario’s transition to a lower-carbon future.

One of the easiest ways for a customer to save on energy costs is by installing a smart thermostat. For this program, Enbridge is currently working with two smart thermostat companies, ecobee and Nest, to provide customers with an incentive to take steps to conserve energy. Residential customers who purchase, install, and apply for the smart thermostat incentive may be eligible for a $100 credit on their Enbridge bill.

Smart thermostats, unlike ordinary thermostats, adapt to a customer’s routine by learning their schedule and temperature preferences. They automatically deliver comfort when at home and savings when the home is empty. These thermostats can provide maintenance alerts – such as when to change your furnace filter – and because they are wi-fi enabled, smart thermostats can be remotely controlled through a smartphone app or an online portal.

Enbridge has been providing conservation programs to customers for twenty years. These programs have saved about 9.6 billion cubic metres of natural gas – which equates to 18 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions. Those savings are the equivalent of taking approximately 3.5 million cars off the road for a year.


• The program is only available to Enbridge residential customers in Ontario who use natural gas for home heating.

• Customers must purchase an approved thermostat: ecobee3 Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat (Model #: EB-STATe3c-02) or the Nest Learning Thermostat (Model#: T3007Ef) between April 20, 2016 and December 31, 2016.

• Once installed, customers must register the thermostat with the manufacturer and apply online by December 31, 2016, to be eligible to receive a $100 credit on their Enbridge natural gas bill. Additional terms apply to this offer, visit knowyourenergyscore.ca/smart-thermostat.

• This is one of the residential conservation programs Enbridge offers to help homeowners conserve energy. Learn more about Enbridge’s programs at knowyourenergyscore.ca

• To learn more about energy efficiency and ways to can save, visit enbridgegas.com/energyefficiency


“Enbridge is committed to helping its customers save energy and is proud to offer this new energy efficiency program. Our customers that are keen to upgrade their technology at home will also be able to manage their energy use and save money on their bills.”

  • Norm Ryckman, Director, Marketing Development and Sales, Enbridge

“As a proudly Canadian company, ecobee is excited to launch this partnership with Enbridge to provide energy saving solutions to fellow Ontarians” said Stuart Lombard, President and CEO, ecobee. “With our top rated smart thermostat, homeowners can significantly reduce their heating and cooling costs while increasing comfort throughout their home.”

  • Stuart Lombard, President and CEO, ecobee

“Enbridge has for years helped people use less energy,” said Ben Bixby, Director of Energy and Enterprise Business, Nest. “Now we’re excited to work together with Enbridge to bring the Nest Thermostat to even more homes across Ontario. The Nest Thermostat remembers what temperatures you like, creates a custom schedule for the home, and turns itself down when you’re away to help you save energy.”

  • Ben Bixby, Director of Energy and Enterprise Business, Nest

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