If staying on top of yard work
seems an uphill struggle, there’s plenty of routes to a smart yard.

Just like connected tech inside
your home, automating outdoor drudgery adds an invaluable layer of convenience
to your life.

Security, the other central
pillar of smart technology, is also available in the form of motion-activated
outdoor lighting.

On top of this, since you’ll
likely be spending plenty of time outdoors entertaining, you can build in some devices
to liven things up.

So, since every garden is different, we’ll skip any kind of general guidance today. Instead, we’ll double down on eight areas where you can embrace smart tech.

8 Ways To a Smart Yard

  1. Robotic Lawnmower
  2. Connected Plant Tracker
  3. Smart Sprinkler Controller
  4. WiFi Weather Station
  5. Smart Smoker
  6. Outdoor Smart Lighting
  7. Weatherproof Smart TV
  8. Indoor Smart Garden

1) Robotic Lawnmower

Small robotic lawnmower

Robotic lawnmowers have still not been adopted in enough numbers to bring the price down, so you will need to dig deep.

Also, just like with robot vacuums, it’s advisable to spend a little more. Buy a cheap robot and you might very well end up regretting it.

Husqvarna manufactures a wide range of robot lawnmowers that have been selling well in Europe since the 1990s. If you don’t have the budget for the hill-climbing range-topper, the 435X AWD, there are plenty of other capable performers in the Automower line.

The 430XH certainly isn’t cheap, but you won’t need to dig as deep as for the all-wheel-drive model. Is it any good for your smart yard, though?

In a word, yes. Control in-app is seamless and you can automate your mowing to suit. You can always keep tabs on where your robot is with the app, even if you’re not at home. There’s also anti-theft GPS tracking in place.

If you like the idea of controlling your mower with voice commands, that’s straightforward. All you’ll need is an Echo or Google Home device.


Before you break it into action,
there’s a little installation involved. You’ll need to pop in the boundary wire
so your mower will only cut within those limits.

If you can stretch to the stiff
price tag, you’ll need to make sure your yard is no larger than the 0.8-acre
maximum coverage area. The Husqvarna can cope with slopes up to 24 degrees. If
your landscaping is more steeply inclined, you’ll need to invest in the
hill-climbing AWD model.

Battery-powered, you won’t
disturb the neighbors as you relax with your feet up and the robomower gets to

Designed for continuous cutting
even if it’s raining, the blades can cut grass up to 3 ½ inches tall.

While this robotic lawnmower would undoubtedly be classified as a luxury for some, if you’re struggling with mobility and you could use a helping hand, this is essential.

2) Connected Plant Tracker

Plant tracker to keep an eye on your plants in your smart yard

If you like the idea of gardening but you have black thumbs, smart tech can be highly beneficial.

This connected plant tracker allows you to search for the plant you’re not sure how to care for in-app.

Once the app finds the plant, Bluetooth allows you to monitor your plant remotely. You’ll be sent all the key metrics on moisture levels, lighting, temperature, and fertilizer requirements. Apply this and you’ll have flourishing plants even if you’re a gardening novice.

Live progress updates in the app show you how your plant is thriving. You can also benefit from daily, weekly and monthly stats of what’s going on in your smart yard. Longer-term tracking is possible, too.

The definite limitation here is that the sensor can only be used in one plant. While it’s not a whole-garden solution, though, it has definite potential if you want to grow a single tricky plant the easy way.

You can also automate your sprinkler system, which is more beneficial for the whole garden.

3) Smart Sprinkler Controller

Small white box to control sprinklers

This sprinkler controller slots neatly in and replaces your existing controller so you can automate irrigation in-app. It’s compatible with master valves, indexing valves, and pump relays.

Once you’re up and running – it should take 30 minutes or so – take remote control using the seamless app. You’ll be able to monitor upcoming schedules, activate your sprinklers and keep an eye on estimated water usage in your smart yard.

Rachio’s controller plays nicely with Alexa and Google
Assistant. It’s also HomeKit-enabled. Interoperability with other smart devices
is wide-ranging.

The intelligent controller is capable of building out smart schedules by taking into account the specific needs of your planting.

Weather Intelligence Plus technology ensures you won’t get
any redundant watering if it’s raining outside. This tech was introduced in
this polished third iteration and it’s a key reason to consider this model
rather than the cheaper outgoing second generation.

A true smart home should also be energy-efficient. By using less water, the Rachio controller qualifies as WaterSense certified. This means you could qualify for a rebate, so look into this.

4) WiFi Weather Station

Small silver tubes next to iphone- weather station for smart yard

Many weather stations are bulky and unwieldy, so we’ve chosen Netatmo Weather Station at least in part for its slimline form factor. What else can it do, though?

Control your weather station remotely from your iOS or
Android device accessing these metrics:

  • Barometric Pressure
  • Humidity
  • Indoor CO2 Levels
  • Sound

This is a versatile set-up and you can connect several
stations to a phone or, conversely, use a single station across multiple

You’ll get a free lifetime data package bundled with purchase.


Enabling you to get the most from the environment both inside your smart home and out in your smart yard, the app is a pleasure to use.

Get alerts pinged to your cell phone so you can take prompt action if the weather looks hostile. If you don’t have a sprinkler controller, the climatic data can be used to great effect. You can cut back on watering when it’s raining. You’ll know, too, when it’s hot and dry enough that your lawn needs a little bit more moisture.

You’ll be able to use Alexa as well if you have an Echo smart speaker or smart display.

The sleek and rugged aluminum build plus the skinny on all
environmental factors that count, this weather station is one of the finest
ways to smarten up your yard. The inbuilt benefits when it comes to indoor air
quality are a welcome bonus.

5) Smart Smoker

Black smoker by Masterbuilt

So, now your lawn is neatly trimmed without lifting a finger and watering is automated. You even have some assistance with the trickier plants you’re interested in trying out.

That leaves you with more time to do what the yard is made
for: relaxing and entertaining.

Are you sold on the benefits of a smoker? They’re already great for entertaining as you can leave your food cooking in the background, but how can you make your life even easier?

This hard-hitting model is Bluetooth-enabled so you’ll be free to control temperature and manipulate cooking time from your phone. Spend more time with your guests and less attending to food.

The side loading system for chips is ideal since you won’t need
to keep opening the smoker.

There’s a trio of cooking racks along with another you can
use to hang a Masterbuilt pan from. This is sold separately.

Smarten up your decking with this neatly connected smoker and you’ll wonder why you didn’t invest in this smart yard device sooner.

6) Outdoor Smart Lighting

White Ring Floodlight with camera on a brick wall

Ring has a superb range of outdoor smart lighting, so you can take care of all aspects of landscape lighting and security lighting under one ecosystem.

The Pathlight works well for illuminating longer pathways or outdoor stairways.

As with all this lighting line-up, you’ll need the Ring Bridge to enjoy smart control, but the gateway is very affordable.

Spotlight cameras and floodlight cameras allow you to build that fabled Ring of Security around your connected home. You can add motion sensors to expand that perimeter further.

As you’d fully expect from Ring, you’ll enjoy great
computability with other smart home devices, too.

Personalize your outdoor lighting to suit and bathe your
garden in brightness.

7) Weatherproof Smart TV

Smart TV- 4K UHD HDR

This second-generation SunBriteTV is specifically designed to be used outdoors, so you can liven up your BBQs or invite a few friends over to watch the match.

The Ultra 4K HDR screen has a direct LED backlight. This
allows brightness levels to be increased by 50% to cope with outdoor viewing.

All components are completely weatherproofed, which brings the cost up somewhat.

You’ll get speakers onboard and plenty of slots for your
media devices, too.

If you want to get the same quality picture as you’d expect in your home theater, SunBriteTV will not disappoint. While not exactly cheap, it’s much less expensive than you’d imagine a device like this would be.

Note: This TV is
designed for use in fully shaded areas. If you need a TV for full-sun viewing,
look at the Pro Series which will deliver fully.

8) Indoor Smart Garden

Small indoor smart garden with light and green plants growing out of it

To round out, we have something for you apartment livers who might want some greenery but lack the outside space.

Why not bring on some fresh herbs and veggies indoors

This pod system allows you pop in some seedless pods – you’ll get some basil included – fill the reservoir, then hook up this self-watering system.

Choose from a selection of more than 50 plants, from cilantro and lavender to wild strawberries and chili peppers, don’t let not having a garden stop you from growing organic produce at home.

Ideal for anyone with a busy lifestyle, limited outdoor space and a taste for fresh herbs, road test this indoor smart garden today. With everything done for you, all you need to do is wait for harvest time.

Final Word

Well, we hope you got some inspiration and you’re tempted to take some tech out into the garden. Whether you want to streamline entertainment, ratchet up security, or eliminate manual work, there are solutions on all counts.

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