5 Signs Your Furnace Needs Repairing

5 Signs Your Furnace Needs Repairing


Find out if Your Furnace Needs Repairing

Home maintenance is important, but there’s one part of the home that always seems to be neglected: Furnace

Gas heaters, furnaces, and HVAC systems always get the short end of the maintenance stick.  Most people don’t think about their heaters until there’s something wrong with them or it’s time to replace them all together.  

You aren’t expected to become an HVAC expert the moment you sign your mortgage, but there are some unmistakable signs that your furnace needs to be repaired.

Your heating bill keeps increasing 

You’re used to a slight rate increase as the years go on, but it seems like the numbers on your heating bill keep climbing.

You may not be experiencing a regular rate increase! Your monthly bill increases could be a sign that your gas heater is starting to have problems.

Take a good look at the usage section of your gas bill.  If you notice that you’re burning more than usual, you need to have your unit checked out.

Your gas heater is very noisy 

Heaters aren’t going to be 100% silent when they’re working, yet should be relatively quiet when operating.  A few small clicks are to be expected when it’s first turning on or adjusting.

The trouble comes when you can start to notice noise all of the time.

Squeaks, bangs, pops, and hisses aren’t normal sounds, especially if you continually hear them. 

Another sure sign of a heater issue is if you constantly hear the blower fan.  If you hear a constant whooshing sound or the sound of a fan being kicked on or off, you should call a repairman.

Your home isn’t evenly heated

You know that certain areas of your home are going to feel a bit different in terms of temperature. Sunny places are going to be a little warmer, and some areas near windows and doors may be a little cooler.

You’re used to slightly hot and cold spots, but all of the sudden it seems like entire rooms are icy cold or burning hot.

Uneven heating is a sure sign that your gas heater needs to be repaired.  It could be unevenly distributing heat, burning through gas far too quickly or slowly, or even be slowing down with age.

This is usually a sign of poorly designed ductwork and not a sign of malfunctioning furnace. However new furnace units are more powerful and should distribute more air through the vents.

Your home air quality is bad

Do you feel like the air in your house is stale?  Does your skin dry out in the winter and summer?  Are your allergies or asthma aggravated as soon as you walk inside?

Some people will attribute poor air quality to dirty HVAC filters and environmental issues they can’t control, but sometimes the problem can be your furnace.

As furnaces age and accumulate particulate matter, sometimes even the heartiest filters can’t get rid of dust and debris.  

If you’ve replaced your filters and have given your ducts a good cleaning, the time may come for you to replace the system completely. 

Your thermostat stops working

It seems like it doesn’t matter how high you raise the temperature, your house is always cold.

The issue may not be with the thermostat itself, but with the heater you’re using.

If the temperature in your house stays the same regardless of how much you touch the thermostat, call a gas heater repairman.


Do you still have some questions about heaters and HVAC needs? Contact us so we can chat!  

Is a Water Heater Rental a Good Decision for Your Home?

Is a Water Heater Rental a Good Decision for Your Home?

Water heater rental

Why Water Heater Rental is a Good Decision for Your Home

You can rent pretty much anything you like today. Anything from a big screen TV to a lawnmower is rentable. Hey, you could even rent an airplane if you had enough money.

There are some things you may have never thought of renting. Things people only think about when they have a major change in their lives. One of those things is a water heater.

Water heater rentals do exist. They’re a fairly new phenomenon. And the popularity is modest.

But the real question is, why should you rent a hot water heater?

Water Heater Rental: Do It To Save On The Cost

Let’s go back to the airplane rentals for a moment. While it may seem absurd to compare airplanes to water heaters, if you bear with us a moment, you’ll see our point.

Airlines lease most of their airplanes from leasing companies. You probably didn’t know this. But it’s true. A jet capable of flying across the world is very expensive. It can run a company up into the millions.

And then you have repairs and maintenance to consider. Airplanes are expensive to fix. When something major goes wrong, the airline has to foot the bill. But if they rent the plane, the repair is one the rental company to fix.

This last bit is the connection we’re looking for. One of the real advantages of hot water heater rental is the same advantage airlines have in renting their airplanes. Repair.

Just like with your house or apartment rental, repairs are the responsibility of the rental company. If the unit goes out completely, it’s on them to replace it.

And rental will reduce your upfront cost by making you only a small monthly fee to rent. If you’re in debt or trying to get on your feet financially, this may be your best option long term.

Water Heater Rental: Other Reasons

Water heaters can last up to 10 years or more. They really should be replaced at ten years given the advance of technology each decade. Because we really do want to keep your home efficient and your gas or electric bill down.

So we install the very best Giant hot water heaters that will be efficient even ten years down the line.

If you own a restaurant, a downed hot water heater could spell a major loss of income for you.

No hot water means no clean dishes. And you cannot operate a restaurant with dirty dishes.

You may have to wait weeks for a new hot water heater to arrive. And if it’s a busy season, finding a technician to install the machine might tack on more time.

Avoid losing income and time by renting a hot water heater.


If you’re looking to rent an efficient new water heater, get a quote from us today.

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